Corporate Governance

Our board of directors (the "Board") has ultimate authority over our business, but delegates certain authority to our investment adviser who actively sources, manages, and monitors our investment portfolio and other business activities, subject to the supervision of the Board. As a BDC, a majority of our Board consists of directors who are not "interested persons" of the Company, of our investment adviser or any of their respective affiliates, as defined in the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended.

Detailed biographies of our Board may be accessed below.

Board of Directors

Name Title
Linda Pace Chair of the Board
Mark Jenkins Director and Head of Global Credit
Aren LeeKong Director and Chief Executive Officer
William H. Wright II Director*
Leslie E. Bradford Director*
Nigel D. T. Andrews Director*
John G. Nestor Director*

Audit Committee

Name Title
William H. Wright II Director*
Leslie E. Bradford Director*
John G. Nestor Director*
Nigel D. T. Andrews Director*, Chairman of the Audit Committee*

Governance Documents

CGBD Board Diversity Disclosure CGBD-NASDAQ-Diversity-Disclosure-2023.pdf75.41 KB
EEA Privacy Notice TCGBDCInc_EEA_Privacy_Notice.pdf359.62 KB
Nominating and Governance Committee Charter CSL - Nominating and Governance Committee Charter.pdf135.1 KB
Compensation Committee Charter CSL - Compensation Committee Charter_0.pdf135.4 KB
Audit Committee Charter CSL - Audit Committee Charter.pdf446.19 KB
Code of Ethics CSL - SOX Code of Ethics.pdf99.07 KB
Privacy Notice Privacy Notice.pdf85.79 KB